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The Diligent Security Services Inc. provides security guard license training courses online for the students to study at their homes. These online Ontario security license guard courses cover the materials, assessments, and tests that address an in-class course.

What We Offer

Diligent Security Services Inc. offers you the option of completing the security guards license courses online at the pace of your own home with our easy to use online training program. You can connect with our expert trainers and other students online during your training sessions. By taking this security license guard training course program, you will get to save your travel time, costs, and finish your training maintaining other schedules as well.

Who We Are

Diligent Security Services Inc. is an experienced and highly developed Security Guard License Training Centre in Ontario, Canada. We offer the professional selection of security license guard training courses via classroom or online ways. Diligent Security Services does not accept other security guard certifications online for the advanced training. You have to be qualified with Diligent Security Services for the Ontario security guard license course.

How to access Your Course

It is simple to access the classroom. Once the student has completed the forms, he/she will be sent individual login details. Students then are able to log in from the our website.

What’s Next

After completing all the phases of online training element, students will attend an Emergency First Aid Level Course (duration: 8 hours) if he doesn’t have an official certificate. Emergency First Aid dates are convenient and Diligent Security Services’ workers work with students to choose the most eligible date based on student’s availability. Proof of attending, passing, and fabricate an Emergency First Aid certificate will be required to complete the security guard certification course!

Upon completion, Diligent Security Services will give the completion certificate to the students and submit those names to the Correctional Services to enroll the student for the regional assessment.

About Our Online Security Guard Course

Our course is NOT just a self-made course. Students have to perform assessments, quizzes, log a total of 45 hours, and contribute to online arguments with other students and teachers.

This training course is in acquiescence with Ministry departments and will train all the students for the compulsory Regional test. In Ontario, security guard license training course deals with the following 9 measures:

1. Security Industry Introduction
2. The Private Safety and Investigative Services
3. Necessary Security Measures
4. Report writing
5. Health and Security
6. Emergency First Aid Procedures and Certifications
7. Legal System & Authorities in Canada
8. Effective Communication & Sensitive Training
9. Utilization of Force Theory

The course is correlative which will help the students to understand the retention of the material. The course comprises of:

  • Lectures are written in an easy to read format for the students
  • Journal which emphasizes essential factors of the lectures in a fill-in-the-blank format
  • Written assessments to implement student’s knowledge
  • Quizzes for the student to execute their IQ and maintenance of the material.
  • Online debates or discussions with tutors about the topics related to every part.
  • Report writing lesson

You can find a list of our programs that will assist you to manage your learning experience and growth.

Online Learning Lesson

Our security guard certification online offers security guard training in Ontario through remote classes 7 days a week. This amazing online learning service is simple to use with live operatives. All students are offered complete support during the process of licensing. Our online service provides you the capability after completing and licensing, to print your credentials at home and view job opportunities.

So, You are Excited to get Online Security Guard Course, Follow One Step – Register

Register HERE, and experience the virtual lessons. Finish your training of Ontario security license guard and boost your certification number. Register now at to take the compulsory test. After completing your test successfully, you can apply for a license. After having your license, Diligent Security Service will place the most appropriate employment.

Advantages of Online Security Course

  • Training in your own home
  • Remote classes 24/7
  • Simple learning layout
  • Save travel time and cash
  • Access to your online transcription
  • Printable certificates

Excited to Enroll for Online Security License

Advance your vocation and start earning cash by continuing your education. So what are you waiting for? Enroll in online security guard courses certification now on Diligent Security Service.

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