Government Buildings and Offices Security

Government Building Security

At Diligent security services Inc. we completely understand that security of government buildings, offices, industrial, and commercial buildings sites have different measures to consider. Our professionally trained security guards provide help and guidance to all occupants, guests, property directors, and organization managers in an expert way.

What We Offer

Your property will remain safe from intruders, trespassers, burglars, floods, fire, damage, and further risks as our professionally trained security guards will work closely to meet the needs and requirements of stakeholders in a lucrative solution! By combining equipment and government security unit with daily online updated logs, Diligent Security Services will provide you the calmness of mind knowing that guards are executing everyday patrols around the clock, giving 24/7 availability and complete attention from our agent for your particular security of government buildings.

We provide best short-term government security unit across Toronto. We take pride in having the best professional government security unit in Toronto. We assure you to keep your property safe from every type of risk.

Services We Provide

Our professional team of security guards will work together with you and your property directors to assist design a tailor-made security plan that can comprise of:

  • Security Guards (Uniformed)
  • Mobile Patrol
  • CCTV Monitoring & Access Control
  • Condo Concierge and Reception
  • Property/Asset Protection
  • Lock and Unlock Services
  • Life & Fire Safety
  • Alarm Response
  • First Aid Emergency

24/7 Services

We do not believe in following any scheduled working hours law. We completely understand that for government security or any building security in Toronto, our professionally trained and licensed security team needs to be actively present there 24/7. Emergencies don’t come after buzzing your doorway! So that is why we are there for you with our limitless and unbroken service.

Defending People and Property

From society and designated officials to contractual associates and public workers, Diligent Security Services has proven skill as custom-made its services to meet a wide range of needs. We are extremely proud of our past performance of delivering the maximum level of protection to a wide range of local, regional, and government facilities, and the individuals that access their services each day.

We are extremely careful during our recruitment procedure. All of our security guards are professionally trained and undergo careful on-site training. They are outfitted with the specific capabilities needed to work on behalf of government and metropolis, including above-average communication talents. They are super-friendly, comfortable to talk to while remaining highly professional, attentive, and watchful.

Interior & Exterior Operations

Don’t ever think that we are finished with our duty by setting up CCTV or arranging security guards at the government and office sectors. Instead, when it comes to providing premium short-term government security units for 365 days, we stand out strong because of our firm observation and monitoring group!

Our group of guards takes charge of maintaining a constant eye on what occurring in your place of work with patrolling service in the exterior and observation organizations inside. We make sure to give complete protection and security in and out!

An Eye on People’s Entrance & Exit

Through commercial access control service, we keep a track record of each and every one who is entering your business site and who are exiting the building. Access control generates a safe fence outside the building site.

Government and office buildings generally face much danger by handling the lock and key structure to the workers. If in any case it is lost, the cost of setting up again becomes excessively high. However, with the access cards, all you have to do is to remove the card information with your CPU and rerelease a new card!!

For all Government, Office, and Commercial business details, talk to our professional today. 

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