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Diligent construction site security guards in Ontario are highly trained in the security of property on construction sites. Our executive team will work closely with your staff to make sure a proper safety plan is developed and executed. Once a plan is sorted, our trained and well-informed construction security guards will be positioned based on the security plan. Diligent construction security guards will make sure troublemakers out of the property, nobody leaves the facility without the customer’s permission, and guests are properly monitored and acknowledged. You can relax knowing that your materials are being secured with Diligent Construction sites’ security system.

Common Construction Security Concerns

To the standard spectator, Diligent Construction sites security provides keen interest. Industrial items, muddy grounds, and rambling equipment are of tiny interest to the normal observer might even complain if its look. Those working in the construction sites know very well. Unluckily, construction sites are of great interest to thefts, criminals who are aware of how these tools, equipment, and machines are precious.

 Project managers of construction sites have a lot to think about when it comes to Construction sites’ security systems. These sites come with security challenges due to being out-of-doors without clear fences from public sight. To secure stakeholder and builder assets, a security plan should be on top priority to make sure the security of precious items and those working on site are safe. Possible safety and security risks on construction sites include but not limited to be:

  • Slips, Fall, & Drops
  • Furrows
  • Open Wells
  • High heights
  • Robbery
  • Prepared Crime
  • Intruding
  • Overhead Danger
  • Prevention is Important

Advantages of Hiring Us

Since construction sites are outside, they need powerful boundary walling with minimum distance from the wall to site items of 6 feet max and 24/7 surveillance to secure appropriately. Without construction security guards’ supervision, sites are exposed to robbery. Diligent Construction site security guards give various advantages that keep builders, staff, sellers, and belongings safe and secure.

Visible Security

First and foremost, a security guard propels a signal to observers that there is a security program on-site. Visibly, the presence of a security guard communicates to those with doubtful intentions that safety measures have been on top priority on-site, and there are likely few layers to the safety program!


Successful signage must be in sight, representing that intruders will be accused or that observers are being recorded on video surveillance. The normal criminal will take these signs to mean that there will be a plan and hazard involved to access items. A lot of burglars turn their sights to simpler targets and discard their interest in your construction site then!

Planning Security Procedures

An effective secure construction site is restricted to one or two-point of entrance and must be locked when not monitored actively, like when your construction site security guards are on proactive patrol of the site. Industries locks must be used to secure the site to make sure that they are not useless bolt picking or lock cutters. Master keys should be available to the only security guard and site leader to restrict the number of master keys in-process and restricting their capability to fall into dangerous hands. Locks must only enable important salvage from the locked site to assure that locks are not left open while the key holder leaves the place.

Your security plan must summarize who has the site’s access with a transport, which should walk on the site, what sort of entry rules should be followed for the site in qualifications and PPE terms, and who does not have the permission to be on site. Gateway guards will use these details to make sure that those on-site are all official, and that transport traffic is kept minimally inside the site to control jamming. Your guard will monitor each guest that all builders and sellers are securely outside of the site fences before they are locked all night.

CCTV Monitoring

Diligent construction security guards offer an outstanding quality of security of your site, but guards can’t be everywhere at one time. For this cause, your guard must have access to CCTV Surveillance platforms or another monitoring system. This enables the guard to address apprehensive activities rapidly and competently if they are not patrolling said place actively. This is essential, as without a security guard the law enforcement would be called to discuss the issue. Frequent demands on the police force are tough and should be taken as the top priority.

Using Diligent construction security services in Toronto, besides screening program places control back in the bands of your security guard so that issues can be recognized and acted upon in a matter of minutes rather than hours. CCTV monitoring has actively been used to catch suspects. Project executives have a lot to think about in installing a safe and secure construction site, and our experts make it simpler to make sure that all applicable issues have been liable for. Call us now or get a free quote for your construction site.

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