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Our manifesto is to change the way business is done in security industries and the way security is provided on day to day basis through our tailored security services for your needs.


Our vision is to build safe and secure community together for the best of our future. Our goal is to provide extra-ordinary security services to clients within their budgets.


Our mission is to make Canadian Communities safe so that people live with peace of mind. We make sure all of our clients are getting the best available security services in the town.

Our Services

Condo’s or Apartments, both are tricky to handle, our experienced guards are there to handle all issues from Fire Alarms to Parking professionally. Our security guards are highly trained to handle any emergency situation.

What is better than making your customer happy? Our professional guards are there to make sure your customer are greeted properly and to make sure your customer do shopping comfortably.
It’s a big responsibility to choose the right Service Providers for these kinds of buildings and offices where all the information is very sensitive, now it’s your decision which can make change, choose the right providers today to assure that everything is secure.

We are here to help even if you need guards for short period, just reach us and we will make sure you get the services for the time period you are looking for. Our short term security services will provide you with guards no matter if it is night or day, our service is 24/7. So, what are you thinking now? Reach us quickly to book a security guard !


Want to go out for vacation and worried about your home security, not a problem anymore, our security company is providing the best available services to protect your house while you are away. Hurry up and get the quote today by calling us directly.

From checking the ID of your employees and punching it in to responding to any emergency our guards are highly trained for all situations. We are here to make sure your site is fully secured and your company is free from all deficiencies.
The Country we live in is full of Festivals and Events, we love to attend these Festivals and Events from different cultures. Let’s work together to make sure all these beautiful Events are taken good care of, and all people are safe and happy. Book the experienced guards right now !
Good news for all the Construction Companies, Diligent Security Services Inc. is now providing 24/7 assistance to all the construction sites. Our guards are highly trained to make sure your premises are secure and all things are in order. Pick up your phone and call today for booking guards, we are also providing services for temporary construction sites.

Last minute and you realized you need a security guard, don’t worry we got your back. Our short term security services will provide you with guards, no matter if it is night or day, our service is 24/7. Diligent team is making sure that you will get the requested services even on a very short notice. Call us directly to get the security guard services.

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