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Diligent Security Services guards act as our condominiums & residential customer’s front-line representatives.

What We Offer

Diligent Security Services Inc. offers the most expert, dependable, and supremely trained security guards to our customers. Our concierge security service training program makes sure that all security guards become a friendly and supportive part of everyday life for every occupant, visitor, worker, and stakeholder. We integrate this state of mind to our condo concierge and residential customers, mixing elite concierge customer support training with the proper security needs and requirements of our customers!

Services We Offer

We provide various levels of residential guard concierge services for seniors at Diligent Security Service Inc. each custom-made to your particular requirements.

1. Concierge security service guards

Relying on the size of your apartment and level of need, you might need a security guard for elite concierge duties throughout the day, night, or overnight when inspections are irregular. These elite concierge guards will perform as a representative for your company, welcoming residents, and guests with a warm smile, completing reception tasks, important control management, & everyday patrols.

2. Guest Screening

With the purpose to keep every resident and their guest safe and secure, it is very important to know who is present in the apartment at all times. Your condo concierge security guard will welcome guests upon entering the building, listing their names and contact details. This makes guests reliable for their conduct during their stay and enables them to be reached on the occasion that is it needed.

3. CCTV Monitoring & Access Control

It is generally used by swipe cards or fobs that can be programmed for every resident to have entrance to only resident’s areas. Condo concierge security guards handle access control for traders, merchants and builders, making sure that they file their times in and out. CCTV is a very precious equipment, nevertheless, in lot of cases, they go non-monitored. Our security guards use CCTV as strong equipment, which allows them to see various areas in the building at once. This enables the guard to efficiently address issues within the building.

4. Inner and Outer Patrols

Your security patrol guard won’t be standing carelessly on duty. They will put many steps as they daily patrol every level of your building and the boundary of your building.

About Residential Security & Condo Concierge Service

Condo concierge and residential residents have the right to feel comfortable, not only when confined in the safety of their homes, but while entering and leaving the residence/building. Huge properties with a lot of suites and more than a single entry or leaving point make sure that keeping tabs on the safety of the property is a tough task for a concierge or building secretary to perform alone.

While a condo concierge is frequently asked to attend to safety matters, their complete attention is necessarily redirected if guests, builders, or residents need their instant help. We understand that, as a business, your tenants are your clients, and they should come first. But properties that are only moderately secure provide a false sense of monetary ‘resources’ to building proprietors since one example of break and entry can simply cost a business the similar of one year of safety services. What’s more? Examples of burglar or another safety measure can cast doubt over a precious resident’s sentiments of security!

As a business proprietor, a security guard can boost the quality of residents in your building. Although building secretaries take good care to pursue protocol, like job status and references, where fresh and latest residents are concerned nothing is a confirmed bet. Poor quality tenants can be a disgrace for the building’s resale worth by harming the property, letting immoral guests visit the building, and draining equipment resulting in the non-stop need for supervision. Long-term occupants residing near these harsh neighbors are more likely to reside somewhere else if faced with these difficulties. Your occupants are the backbone of your business and amazing occupants are preciously priceless. When you employ residential security, occupants can see their occurrence and will frequently seek out another building that will not hold him/her reliable for their actions.

Your spouse in protected living

At Diligent Security Services Inc. we work with our customer’s soul needs to grow a security program that is affordable and reliable. The requirements of every facility differ in terms of the capacity we want. While few places use more than one security guard, CCTV monitoring & access controls, others need the help of just one security guard!

Industry Leading Response Time

In an emergency, if you have called the police, you may know that waiting for the police to come takes forever, mainly for deflate burglary. When tenants see something doubtful, they may overlook it if checking it out needs time and awareness. A concierge service security guard is there for the occupant to contact with queries or concerns and performs rapidly to inspect dangers. These security guards will know the position of your building, also its external grounds, to address the danger no matter where it occurs. With a mind for client service, your security guard will bring the accessibility and acumen your occupants require to feel convinced in their security.

Keeping Tenants Safe and Secure

Security is not just about having things, it is about handling things! Security is also about securing the tenants and their families. This comprises of monitoring gym and pool area and other areas where trespassers can hide. Breakage falls, slips, and heart attacks frequently occur where nobody is looking, but you will have workers in place to find and help tenants in catastrophe. Security guards are trained, experienced, and capable to perform CPR and coordinate with the coastguard.

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